These biographies are not just full of information about the person, but typically include valuable information about their relatives and ancestors. Although the biographical information may not always be accurate, they can be used as a springboard for your research.

Armstrong, Archie A
Ashurst, Joseph
Atto, Daniel
Atwell, William E
Avery, J L

Bailey, David
Baker, S H
Barnes, John C
Barr, James
Bartholomew, Michael D
Bassett, J H
Bassett, W H
Beggs, Jesse R
Black, Robert M
Blaine, Walter C
Boyce, Washington D
Boyd, W P
Boyer, J W
Brian, William
Brian, William T
Bright, Coleman
Brock, George W
Brown, John
Burgett, Carl S
Burgett, I W
Burgett, Scott
Burgett, Wilson S
Burtnett, William H
Bush, William H
Butler, J T

Cahill, Eli F
Callaway, George
Calvin, Edward W
Campbell, Allan
Carnahan, Clarence H
Chadwick, John H
Chandler, Lemuel
Chandler, William B
Conover, Daniel A
Cooper, David
Covert, I N
Coykendall, D F
Craddick, Thomas
Cruzan, Thomas
Culbertson, Charles M

Dever. Frank C
Drake, Israel A
Drew, James

Ephlin, Jacob
Ervin, Samuel

Fidler, Albert F and Levi
Finney, E C
Finney, Joseph H
Fisher, William H
Foster, R S
Fry, William H
Fulton, William H

Garrett, Caleb
Garrett, Caleb (more)
Gere, Benjamin W
Gill, Harrison
Gill, Shiloah
Gillogly, James
Glassco, Kimball
Goff, John L
Goodspeed, James M
Greenman, Anson H
Greve, C D

Hall, William H
Hance, Alexander
Hammett, Frank W
Hammett, James R
Hammett, Richard C
Hammett, William S
Hancock, James W
Hancock, W H
Hapke, Adolph
Hawkins, Charles A
Hawkins, John
Hawkins, J M
Hawkins, Samuel
Hayward, A
Heaton, James P
Heaton, William
Henson, George W
Henson, Stephen S
Hockett, Oliver O
Hopkins, Samuel L
Hostetler, John C
Howard, W Avery
Howe, James H
Howe, William
Hunt, Oliver T

Iles, William
Irwin, John T

Jeffers, Emmor W
Jeffers, George C
Jenne, Charles F
Jones, Henry C
Jones, James
Jones, John J
Jones, Malden
Jones, Owen E
Jordan, John V

Kincaid, James A
King, John W

Lester, Segler H
Lindsey, John
Logan, Samuel B
Long, Stroder M
Loose, Frank E
Lowry, John
Lyrla, N C

Madison, John M
Magner, D N
Martin, J V
Martin, William S
McCarty, Francis A
McGee, J Park
McGown, J A
McKaig, Robert
McKinney, John W
McMasters, Charles L
McNeer, V C
McNeill, Alexander
Means, William E
Milligan, Robert E
Monahan, P H
Monroe, N S
Moore, Abram H
Moore, Edward McC
Moore, George O
Moore, Jacob
Moore, Jacob R
Moore, Morris L
Moore, William T
Morrow, James
Moser, George H
Mulliken, Ira M
Murdock, John D
Murphy, William F
Myers, O V

Newport, William H
Niles, Henry C

Outcelt, John N

Parke, Alvy J
Parker, Lines L
Parker, Oliver H
Pepper, W W
Petty, Joseph B
Phillips, J W
Price, W E
Pulliam, W T

Quinn, John

Reat, James L
Records, Jasper S
Redden, Stephen
Reed, Daniel W
Reed, W D
Reed, Winfield S
Reeder, James S
Reeder, John A
Reeves, William W
Rice, Eugene
Rice, Martin
Rice, William E
Richards, George R
Richards, T M
Richman, James A
Rigney, J B
Roberts, Thomas W
Roderick, Daniel
Rogers, John E
Root, D O
Root, Lawrence E
Rutherford, C
Rutherford, Thomas H

Sandford, Charles S
Sawyer, Albert B
Siders, George W
Skinner, Isaac
Skinner, John
Skinner, W W
Sluss, A C
Smiley, Samuel W
Smith, M S
Summers, William T
Swigart, T W

Taggart, Wesford
Taylor, A
Thompson, R R
Todd, James G
Todd, John T

Wallace, Albert W
Watson, Marion
Watson, W L
Whitaker, John
White, George
Williams, James A
Williamson, Joseph S
Wilson, Charles W
Wiseman, William A
Woolford, J P
Woolverton, Charles W
Wright, James H
Wyatt, Thomas S
Wyeth, Clarence L
Wyeth, Joseph S
Wyeth, Leonard

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