The biographies of Newman township would be incomplete without an extended notice of Mr. Culbertson, who has done more than any other one man toward developing the eastern part of the county and the improvement and beautifying of the town of Newman. The family from which he is descended is of Scotch origin. One of his great-grandfathers emigrated from the north of Ireland in an early day, and settled in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. Another great-grand father, William McClay, who was born in Pennsylvania, and who, with Robert Morris, were the first United States senators from Pennsylvania. The descendants of the Culbertsons became quite numerous in Lancaster county, and the settlement was known as Culbertson's row. Here his father. Charles M. Culbertson, was born, and after his marriage of Elizabeth McPamma emigrated in 1818 to Indiana, and settled in Jefferson county. In this county Charles M. Culbertson was born August 5, 1819, and received only the meagre school advantages common in that day, consequently he had to rely on his own industry and perceptions for the elements of knowledge which he acquired. At fourteen years of age he left home and went to Newport, Indiana, where he commenced clerking in a store, which position he held for about eight years. At first he received a salary of eighty dollars a year, out of which he clothed himself. His salary for the year 1841 was two hundred dollars. He soon exhibited business qualifications of a high order and it was not long until he entered into a partnership with Daniel A. Jones, who carried on a general merchandising and pork packing business at Newport, which lasted up until 1865. Up to 1854 the business was carried on at the latter place and after that date in Chicago (Mr. Culbertson removed to Chicago in 1857). In 1843 he was married to Miss Rhoda Williams, of Newport, whose parents were from Pennsylvania. In 1852 he entered a section of land in Newman township and kept on increasing it until at one time he owned two thousand, three hundred and forty acres, and his farms, which he recently divided among his heirs, are the finest and best improved in the county. The home farm of five hundred and sixty acres, that he gave his grandson, E. C. Remick, is situated four miles north of Newman and is decidedly the most beautiful and attractive country home in this vicinity. Mr. Culbertson has erected a beautiful brick business block and it was principally due to his efforts that the town of Newman has over six miles of fine concrete sidewalks. He is still hale and hearty, active and straight, and would easily be taken for a man not more than past sixty.

Extracted 09 Jun 2019 by Norma Hass from the Historical and Biographical Record of Douglas County, Illinois, published in 1900, pages 220-221.

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