Biography - Jacob Ephlin

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ephlin are the oldest couple in Tuscola. They came here from Parke county, Indiana, April 4, 1858, when the number of inhabitants could be counted on the fingers of two hands. They have lived here more than forty years, and out from the doorway of no home in Tuscola has come a kinder greeting to the wayfarer or a more hospitable reception to friends and relatives. Uncle Jake is closely related with the primitive town and the early county, having been among the first business men and serving as deputy sheriff under I. L. Jordan. Aunt Martha is best known for her charitable deeds that tell of missions of kindness and love and crown her with glory. To a life full of years and rich in experience they have added the greatest measure of affection for each other and love for mankind, two gems that shine with undimmed splender by the crown of human possibility.

Extracted by Linda Lang from the Historical and Biographical Record of Douglas County, Illinois, pages 263-264,

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