Biography - John Hawkins

John Hawkins, another of the Hawkins brothers, and an ex-soldier of the Civil War, residing in the town of Newman, is a native of Pickaway county, Ohio, where he was born November 30, 1828.
In 1859 he was united in marriage to Miss Iva, a daughter of Cornelius Hopkins, who was one of the earliest settlers of Newman township. To their marriage were born twelve children, of whom but seven survive, viz.: Marion; Cora Ann, who is the wife of Samuel Johnson, of West Ridge; Emma Alice; Rosetta Estella; Ida Lucretia; Wiley Sherman and Harrison Sylvester. In 1862 Mr. Hawkins volunteered in the same company in Newman as his brother, Samuel, but he did not meet the same fate at the first day's battle as did his brother Samuel at Chicamauga. In all he was out three years and has scarcely see a well day since. Mr. Hawkins' wife died December 30, 1899, in the fifty-seventh year of her age, and in the fall of 1894 he removed from the farm to Newman. His wife was a daughter of Cornelius Hopkins, who was born May 16, 1818 and who wedded Rachel F. Albin; both are buried at the Wesley Chapel. Two of his sons, Jeremiah and George, were soldiers in the war of the Rebellion.

Extracted by Linda Lang from the Historical and Biographical Record of Douglas County, Illinois, page 161.

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