Biography - FRANK C. DEVER

Frank C. Dever, present principal of the Hindsboro public schools, and the editor and proprietor of the Hindsboro News, was born in Clark county, Illinois, January 26, 1860, and is a son of F. C. and Eliza (English) Dever, natives of Ohio. The parents removed to Camargo township in 1868, thence to Bowdre township in 1870, and the father at present resides in Missouri, the mother having died May 31, 1900. Frank C. Dever attended Lee's academy at Loxie, Coles countv, and later at the Danville normal. He has been teaching since 1880, and was superintendent of the public schools at Anna, Illinois, for four years, and of Barry, Illinois, for two years. Since 1897 he has held his present position in the Hindsboro public schools. In 1892 he was married to Miss Eva Worley, of Anna. They have two children: Lena and Wesley Collins.

In 1898 our subject was the Democratic nominee for superintendent of the Douglas county schools, but was defeated. The Democratic side of the board of supervisors in the contest to fill the vacancy in that office caused by the death of Thomas M. Wells, in 1899, gave their united support to Mr. Dever for twenty-three ballots, the board being a tie politically. The deadlock, which had held the board of supervisors for several weeks, was broken by both parties meeting on neutral ground and giving their united support to Miss Blanche Caraway, the present incumbent. The Hindsboro News, which is in the line politically with the Chicago platform, was founded by Sisson & Miller in 1896. Mr. Sisson soon withdrew, and the paper was managed by Charles B. Miller until the summer of 1897, when he was succeeded by Monroe Mclntyre, known as the "fighting editor" of the News, and who sold the paper to Mr. Dever in March, 1898. The paper has a circulation of about five hundred, comes out on Fridays and is a six-column folio. Since October, 1899, C. L. Watson, the present supervisor of Bowdre township, has been associated with Mr. Dever in business, under the following names: Dever & Watson, publishers; and C. L. Watson & Co., real estate. Mr. Dever is president of the village board of trustees of Hindsboro, and is identified with all movements which aim toward the advancement of the best interests of Hindsboro and its vicinity.

Extracted 03 Nov 2018 by Norma Hass from the Historical and Biographical Record of Douglas County, Illinois, published in 1900, pages 177-178.

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