Biography - William H. Burtnett

William H. Burtnett, M. D., physician and druggist of Camargo, and a veteran of the war of the Rebellion, was born in Gallia county, Ohio, January 6, 1843, and is a son of John Burtnett, who was a native Virginian. His mother was Mary Gilmore, a daughter of Matthew Gilmore. He was reared and educated in his native county, and at the age of eighteen years he joined Company C, Eighteenth Indiana Infantry, was mustered into the service and was out four years and two months. There are few soldiers who served longer in the Civil war than Dr. Burtnett, although he has never applied for a pension, nor would accept one if it were tendered him. In politics he is the same as he is in all other affairs of life, strictly independent. He is inclined to favor the Republicans of the anti-monopoly type, but in 1896 he voted for Bryan. In 1868 Dr. Burtnett located in Douglas county, in the practice of his profession, and in 1872 he located at Camargo, where he has continued to reside. In 1894 he established his present drugstore, and since that time he has not done so much active practice as formerly.
Dr. William H. Burtnett was graduated from the Miami Medical College, at Cincinnati, in the class of 1867, and subsequently he took a special course at Indianapolis. On January 31, 1879, he was married to Miss Hattie, a daughter of John M. Irwin, of Camargo (see his sketch). She is a native of Lawrence county, Ohio. They have had two children, but both are deceased. Dr. Burtnett is a man of marked individuality; is perfectly frank and outspoken on questions in line with his convictions and which he believes to be honest and right, and is universally popular with all who understand him.

Extracted 12 Apr 2017 by Norma Hass from the Historical and Biographical Record of Douglas County, Illinois, published in 1900, page 133.

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