World War II

Adkisson, Earl M., Army, died 12 Jul 2008
Albin, Albert, Marines
Albin, Gloria, Marines Cook
Alcorn, Leo, Navy, 20 Feb 2004
Alexander, John, Army Air Force
Allen, William, Navy
Allison, Quincy, Army
Anderson, John S., Army
Anderson, Leonard, Army
Archibald, Francis, Army
Arnold, Charles L., Navy
Arrol, Robert, Army
Bade, Stanley R., Army
Baker, Earl L., Army
Barnes, Wayne A., Army, Died 6 Jan 2005
Barnes, Mike, Army Air Force
Barnett, Thomas, Navy
Bartholomew, Donald, Army, Died 17 Sep 2001
Basham, Gilbert, Navy, Died 1 Oct 2005
Bechtel, Charles, Army
Beccue, Earl W., Army
Beck, John W., Navy
Bee, Harold, Army Air Force
Bergfield, Lowell E., Navy, died 28 Nov 2009
Benson, Glenn, Army
Bickel, Charles, Army
Birch, Lloyd R., Army
Bishop, Kenneth T., Army
Blackwell, Samuel M., Army
Blair, Harold E., Army, Killed in Action
Blaase (Clements), Mabel, Marines, Died 2 Apr 2004
Bolles, James, Navy
Bonnom, Marvin, Navy, Died 7 Jun 3003
Bowen, Ralph D., Army, Killed in Action
Bowles, Charles E., Navy, Killed in Action
Bowles, Thomas, Army
Bratton Fred W., Army, Died 1 Jul 2004
Brewer, Earl G., Army
Brewer, Earl M., Army, Died in line of service
Bright, Harry O., Army
Bright, Lloyd D., Navy
Bright, Roy D., Navy, Killed in Action, 11 Nov 1943, Pacific
Brimm, Woodrow, Navy
Brinkley, Everett C., Army
Brock, Varde, Army Air Force
Brooks, William B., Army, Killed in Action
Brown, Billie D., Army Air Force
Brown, Charles D., Navy, Killed in Action
Brown, Harold I., Navy
Brown, John T., Army
Brungardt, Clemens, Army
Burchett, Kenneth, Army
Burnett, Mark, Navy
Burress, Earle V., Army
Butler, F. Carl, Navy, Died 25 Sep 2001
Byard, Kenneth, Army
Callahan, Bernard R., Army Air Force
Carlin, Clifford, Army, Killed in Action
Carpenter, Charles E., Army
Carroll, Glenn D., Army, Died 21 Dec 2005
Carroll, Homer G., Merchant Marines
Carroll, Richard B., Navy
Chambers, Darwin H., Army Air Force
Chambers, Leslie, Marines
Chancelor, C. W., Navy
Childress, Gregory, Army, Died 20 Oct 1998
Clark, Earl M., Special Services
Coleman, James W., Army
Conn, James B., Army
Conn, Paul, Army Air Force
Conner, Clarence E., Army
Conner, Harland H., Marines
Conner, Homer, Army, Died 26 Feb 2000
Connour, Wilbur, Army
Cooch, Dale C., Army
Cook, Alden, Army, Died 27 Sep 2005
Cook, Lloyd F., Army, Died 29 Nov 2000
Coombs, Calvin S., Army
Cox, Lowell, Army, Died 18 Dec 1999
Cravens, Billy G., Army
Crowe, LeRoy C., Army, Died of wounds, Leyte Island
Cunningham, John N., Marines, Died 7 Mar 2001
Dallas, L. Eugene, Navy
Dallmier, Eugene, Navy
Dalrymple, Robert W., Army
Danford, John, Army Air Force
Daugherty, Dean, Army Air Force
Davenport, John L., Army, Killed in Action, France
Day, Delmar R., Army
Deitrich, Norman E., Navy
Dewolf, Donald A., Army
Dilliner, William D., Marines, Died 24 Mar 2006
Donley, Paul E., Army, Killed in action, 16 Aug 1944, France
Douglas, Donald R., Navy
Dutton, Dewey A., Army, Died in line of service
Eads, James F., Navy
Early, Alzo, Army, Killed in Action
Easton, Robert, Army, Died in line of service
Edwards, Robert J., Army Air Force
Eiben, Clarence, Army
Elliott, R. Leon, Army, died 30 Mar 2000
Elliott, Willie B., Army, died 26 Jun 2005
Emberton, John W., Army, Killed in action
Epling, Carroll, Navy
Ernst, Joe, Navy
Ernst, Joseph, Army
Evans, Richard, Marines, Died 19 September 1998
Eyestone, Eugene, Army, Died 14 Jan 2010
Fay, Richard, Army
Fife, Walter C., Army Air Force
Fitzgerald, Clifford, Army, Died 12 Nov 2003
Flanigan, Charles E., Army Air Force
Fleenor, Lewis B., Navy, Died 29 Jan 2008
Fleming, Richard W., Army, Killed in Action
Flesor, Paul, Army, Died 13 Mar 1999
Ford, Don C., Army, Killed in Action
Fortney, James P., Army
Frahm, Glen E., Navy, Died 3 Jun 2000
Franklin, Benjamin, Army, Died 9 May 2003
Froman, Montelle, Army
Frye, Carl M., Navy
Galbreath, Gordon L., Navy
Gardner, Dale L., Army, Died 11 Nov 2006
Gardner, Loren, Navy, Died 19 Jan 2002
Garver, Frederick, Army
Gericke, Ray T., Army, Killed in Action
Ghere, Bobby C., Army
Ghere, George, Army, Died 16 April 1998
Ghere, Roy, Navy, Died 11 Nov 2005
Ghere, Robert L., Army, Died 10 May 2002
Ghere, Russell, Army, Died 27 Jan 1999
Gibbs, James E., Army, Died of wounds
Gill, Rose K. Frazer, Army nurse
Gillens, Joseph H., Navy
Gillens, Loren A., Army
Gillens, Robert E., Navy, Killed in Action
Gillenwater, Elvin, Army, Died 19 Jun 1986
Gingerich, Jacob W., Army, Died 3 Jul 2005
Gipson, Harry, Army Air Force
Gire, Charles E., Army
Gordon, Bertrand B., Army
Gordon, Charles D., Army
Gordon, Donald M., Navy
Gordon, Glen J., Navy
Gordon, Michael J., Army Air Force, Died 20 Jan 2001
Gordon, William T., Navy, Died 19 Sep 2003
Gordy, G.R., Navy
Gould, Eugene A., Army
Graf, John R., Army, Killed in Action
Grady, Harry, Army, Died 29 Nov 2005
Gramann, Clarence J., Army, Killed in Action
Gray, Allan, Army
Gray, F. Benjamin, Army, Died 28 May 2001
Gray, Thomas E., Army, Died 8 Jul 2004
Green, Lunn, Army
Green, Lynn M., Army
Gregg, Paul A., Army, Killed in Action
Gregory, Charles E., Army, Died in line of service
Grummett, Kent K., Merchant Marines, Died 2 Oct 2010
Gulley, James, Army
Hall Benjamin P., Marines, Died 22 Apr 2005
Hallowell, Paul F., Army
Hammer, Fred, Army, Died 13 Apr 2005
Hance, Kenneth, Army, died 7 Jun 2007
Hanner, Ralph, Navy
Harbaugh, Benjamin Q., Navy
Harned, Thaddeus C., Army Air Force
Harris, Kenneth, Army
Harshbarger, Herschel L., Army
Hart, Philip, Navy
Hartman, Charles, Army
Hartrick, Paul M., Army
Harvey, Ivan R., Army, Died 22 Nov 2006
Hawkins, Lewis, Air Force, Died 6 September 2000
Hazlett, Philip B., Army
Heidlebaugh, Arley E., Army, Died of wounds
Hendershot, Leland C., Army, Killed in Action
Henderson, Harlan, Army
Hendrickson, Geraldine L., Army, Died 16 Nov 2004
Hendron, Francis V., Army, Died in line of service
Hood, Joseph, Army
Hood, Robert L., Navy, Died 23 Nov 1989
Honn, Joseph A., Army Air Force
Houser, Howard, Army Air Force
Houts, Harold T., Army, Died 19 Jul 2007
Howell, Duane, Army Air Corp, Died 14 Jul 2000
Howell, Richard L., Navy, Died 17 Sep 2005
Howey, Henry E., Army, Died in line of service
Huddlestun, F. J., Army, Killed in Action
Hunt, Ross, Army, Died 13 Sep 2005
Hurt, Gerald, Army
Iles, William, Army
Ingrum, Samuel D., Navy, Died 17 Feb 2008
Johnson, William E., Army Air Force, died 10 Apr 2009
Jones, Burnett E., Marines
Jones, Clarence F., Army, Died in line of service
Junkins, Thomas L., Navy
Kamm, Ervin L., Army Air Force, , Died 16 Dec 2001
Kamm, William A., Navy
Kanitz, Earl, Air Force, Died 25 Apr 2000
Kappes, Raymond C., Army, Killed in Action
Kaufman, Joseph L., Army
Keeney, Guy K., Army
Kern, Frederick, Army Air Force
Key, Frank, Army, Died 12 Nov 2011
Key, Paul E., Marines
Kibler, John D., Army, Killed in Action
Kielhorn, William, Army
Kindred, Jesse R., Army, Killed in Action
King, Harry W., Army
King, John B., Navy
Kitchen, Eddie, Army, Killed in Action
Kleiss, Bernard J., Army Air Force
Knoblock, William C., Army Air Force
Korte, Albert H., Army
Kull, David J., Army
Lake, Richard P., Army Air Force
Lane, Claire T., Air Force, Died 21 Oct 2002
Laurence, Robert E., Army, Killed in Action
Lawless, Ralph O., Army, Died of wounds
Leisner, Rinehart, Waves, Died 16 Aug 2000
Leon, John, Navy
Lewis, Kenneth D., Navy
Lewis, Paul E., Army
Lewis, Roy E., Army
Lewis, Ward E., Army, Died in line of service
Little, Lilod, Marines
Livengood, John, Navy, Died 16 Oct 2005
Livesay, John, Army, Died 9 Dec 2002
Logan, Earl, Army, Died 3 May 2004
Long, James Andrew, Army, died 1 January 1945 in Belgium
Long, Robert F., Army
Loos, Myron, Army
Lyons, Edward A., Marines
Maier, Sylvester F., Army Air Force
Mannin, Jessie L., Navy, Died 27 Dec 1944 on USS Brownson
Mannin, Roy M., Navy, Died 1995
Maris, Harold F., Navy, Died 24 Sep 2010
Marlatt, Harry W., Navy
Martin, John W., Air Force, Died 1 Jul 2006
Mason, Herbert, Navy
Mattox, Dean, Navy, Died 8 August 1988
Maxfield, Orville E., Navy
McCord, William C., Army, Died 29 Jan 2003
McCumber, Dwight, Army, Died 18 Dec 2009
McCumber, Robert L., Navy
McGuire, Judson F., Marines
McMillin, Randall R., Army
Meister, George J., Army
Meyer, Everett H., Army Air Force
Milam, Merle, Air Force, Died 2 Jul 2007
Milam, Berl, Marines, Died in line of duty
Mitchell, William, Navy
Mitsdarffer, Frederick, Navy
Mitsdarffer, Mary L., Army WAC
Monfort, Vide S., Army, Died 24 Jan 2004
Moonday, Dale, Army Air Force
Moran, Delmar W., Army, Died 11 Sep 2005
Moseley, Raymond E., Army Air Force
Mullins, Dale E., Navy, Died 15 Jan 2009
Muney, John E., Marines, Killed in Action
Murphy, Billy H., Army
Myers, Donald E., Army, Died 26 Aug 2005
Napoli, Nicholas, Army, Died 6 May 2003
Nash, Kenneth, Army
Nater, Otto, Army Air Force
Navel, Dale J., Army, Died in line of service
Nicholson, Leslie, Army
O'Neal, Robert, Navy
Oakley, Ralph M., Marines
Ochs, Donald, Navy
Oliver, Myrtle L., Army
Overturf, William M., Navy
Oye, Kenneth F., Army
Parker, John W., Army
Partlow, Sylvester S., Army
Pate, James E., Army Air Force
Patton, Clarence L., Army Air Force
Peeler, Harry, Army
Pernell, William, Army, Missing in Action
Poindexter, Robert, Army
Pollet, Loren, Navy
Porter, Thomas J., Army, Died 18 Oct 2003
Potter, William H., Navy
Potts, Dale E., Army
Preecher, Edwin W., Army, died 20 Jun 2008
Prosser, Raymond E., Army, Died 18 Dec 2006
Pullen, Donald, Army Air Force
Pullen, Harvey, Navy
Pullen, Robert H., Navy, Killed in Action, 31 Aug 1943, Burma
Punches, Jack D., Air Force, Died 6 Oct 2005
Pyles, Floyd Henry, died 13 June 1964
Quick, Maurice R., Army Air Force
Quivey, Albert C., Army Air Force
Raetz, Martin R., Army, Died in line of service
Ragsdale, James, Army
Rairden, Charles A., Army Air Force
Redman, Kenneth, Army Air Force
Reeves, Neil H., Army Air Force
Reiheimer, Harold R., Navy, Killed in Action
Rice, James, Army Air Force
Richards, Philip A., Army, Died of wounds
Riley, Charles H., Army
Riley, Robert E., Navy
Roderick, Harold F., Army
Romine, Ruth M., Army
Rose, Robert J., Army
Rowe, Kendall C., Army Air Force
Rowland, Chester R., Army
Russell, Everett R., Army, Killed in Action
Sanders, Charles, Army, Died 3 May 2003
Sanders, Frances, Army
Sanders, Victor, Army, Died 10 Dec 2000
Santrock, Harold C., Navy
Schultz, Edward, Navy, Died 24 May 2001
Scott, Wallace E., Marines
Sebens, Lowell, Army Air Force
Seggerman, Dale H., Army, Killed in Action
Seitz, Robert L., Army
Sharp, Leslie, Army Air Force
Sherrick, James, Army
Shewhart, Harry A., Army Air Force
Shoemaker, Jewel I., Navy
Shrader, Frederick W., Army, Died 24 Aug 2001
Sidell, John H., Navy
Siders, Kenneth, Marines, Died 14 April 1945
Skidmore, Harold H., Navy
Slaughter, Joseph B., Army
Smith, Charles, Army
Smith, Dale E., Army
Smith, Leroy, Navy
Smith, Don, Army, Died 27 Feb 2003
Smith, William C., Army, Died in line of service
Smith, William H., Army, Died 4 Nov 2004
Sollars, Russell E., Army, Died in line of service
Southard, Raymond, Army
Starks, Charles, Army
Starwalt, Lyle W., Army, Died 12 Nov 2003
Statzer, Darrell E., Navy
Stephenson, Marion S., Army
Stevens, Donald G., Army, Died 2 Mar 2003
Stortzum, Harold E., Navy
Strader, Allen, Marines, Died 10 Jan 2002
Stump, Donald H., Army Air Force, Died 8 Nov 2000
Syfert, Ervin W., Army
Sylvester, Oscar P., Army, Died of wounds
Tabor, John E., Army, Killed in Action
Taylor, Delbert S., Army
Thomas, Charles, Marines, Died 2 Nov 2001
Thompson, Ralph A., Navy
Thompson, Thomas, Navy
Tingley, Keith D., Marines
Titus, Dale, Army, Died 24 Nov 2000
Tolin, Jesse, Navy, Died 11 Nov 1998
Tooley, Charles E., Navy
Trower, Lawrence A., Marines
Turner, Charles C., Army Air Force
Van Gundy, C. W., Coast Guard, Died 12 Jan 2008
Vaughn, Daniel W., Army Air Force
Vaughn, Donald W., Army
VanVoorhis, Ned F., Navy, Died 5 Jul 2005
VanVoorhis, Thomas, Navy
VanWinkle, Stanley M., Army
Victor, William W., Army
Vogel, Charles R., Army Air Force
Walker, Cecil, Navy
Walker, Elmer, Army
Walley, Harold V., Navy
Warner, Donald L., Army
Waters, Herbert, Army, Died 17 July 2001
Watkins, Harold, Army, Died 1 Jun 2006
Watkins, Harold E., Navy
Watkins, Lucile, Navy
Watters, Joseph A., Army
Watts, Harry E., Navy
Watts, William, Navy
Watts, William H., Army, Killed in Action
Webb, James F., Navy, Died 14 Dec 2002
Weber, Elmer J., Army
Weber, Quentin, Navy
Wegehaupt, Arthur W., Army, Killed in Action
Welch, Loren, Army
Wesch, Glenn B., Army, Killed in Action
White, Betty J. Brooks, Army nurse
White, Paul E., Army
Whitley, Richard L., Army, Died 25 Feb 2002
Wilcoxen, Richard D., Navy
Wilcoxen, Robert, Navy, Died 30 Dec 2004
Wierman, Ramon, Army
Wildman, Earl M., Army
Williams, Arthur B., Army, Died in line of service
Williams, Donald E., Army Air Force
Williams, Kenneth Rolla, Army, Died 6 August 1973
William, Ralph, Army
Williams, Roger J., Army
Williams Russel E., Air Force, Died 21 Jan 2005
Willoughby, Glenn O., Navy
Wilson, Lester, Army Air Force
Wilson, Warren R., Army
Wingler, Gene F., Army Air Force
Wise, Roscoe E., Army
Wise, Sherwood E., Navy
Wolfe, Leslie C., Army
Wood, Charles A., Army
Wood, Clarice, Navy nurse
Wright Dale, Army, Died 3 Mar 2002
Wulliman, James C., Army
Young, Lester, Army, Died 22 Jul 2002.

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