1915 History - Disciples of Christ

Organized 1858, by Dr. W. T. Sylvester; present membership, 270; value of property, including parsonage, $21,000; Bible school enrollment, 327.

The charter members were John Lanaiger, Dr. Sylvester, Tipton Ward, David Evans and J. M. Harden. Dr. Sylvester was the leading member of this church for about fifteen years. He was an efficient elder and a good preacher until he became a railroad builder.

The congregation was held back for years by hurtful opinions, but has fully recovered itself. It is active in all good works, with W. S. Rounds as pastor.
Present membership, 106; value of property, $10,000; Bible school enrollment, 125.

There was in the seventies and later a Christian congregation at Hugo, a few miles south of Camargo. The changing tides of human life carried it away, some of its members coming to Camargo.
Organized 1863, by Harmon Gregg; present membership, 150; value of property, $6,500; Bible school began 1878; present enrollment, 130.

The Deer Creek Christian Church, located four miles north of the site of Hindsboro, was formed as stated. Besides Mr. Gregg, Thomas Goodman preached much for the congregation. Hindsboro grew by the coming of the railroad, and to this village the membership of the Deer Creek congregation was transferred in 1878. The first chapel was built there the next year, and the present house was erected in 1910 during the ministry of J. S. Rose.
Organized 1902, by R. Leland Brown; present membership, 50; value of property, $1,500; Bible school began 1902; present enrollment, 80.
Organized 1869, by N. S. Haynes; present membership, 450; value of property, $23,000; Bible school began 1869; present enrollment, 225.

A series of meetings was begun by Mr. Haynes in the M. E. chapel. When people began to turn to the Lord, the trustees turned him out. The meeting was continued and the church formed in the public schoolhouse. A frame chapel was built about 1874, which gave place to a modern building in 1905. W. G. Pounds and Mr. and Mrs. Bennett were active helpers in the early years.

The church has given L. H. Hooe to the ministry.
Organized 1863, by David Walk; present membership, 285; value of property, $15,000; Bible school enrollment, 144.

In 1863, W. B. Wharton and D. K. Walker, two Disciples, were residing in Tuscola. This had then been a county-seat for six years. These two men and their families wished the town should hear the gospel as they understood it, and also a church home for themselves; so they sent for Min. David Walk. He held a series of meetings in the old courthouse and organized a church of Christ with eighteen members. The congregation met in the schoolhouse for public worship. Later, when Mr. Walk returned to Tuscola, he was compelled to defend his distinctive teaching in a public discussion. At its conclusion, members of the Baptist, Presbyterian and M. E. Churches united and prevailed upon the public-school officers to shut the Disciples out of the schoolhouse. This led to the construction of a two-story frame church building. It was used until 1892, when the present brick edifice was completed. The chief cost of the first building was met by John Chandler. Of the charter members, only Mrs. Julia Sloan remains.

The church has always maintained its public worship.

It has given to the ministry Wm. Walling and E. E. Hartley.
Villa Grove
Organized 1906, by Harold E. Monser; present membership, 110; value of property, $7,000; Bible school began 1906; present enrollment, 142.

Mr. Monser was sent here by the mission board of the Sixth District, and conducted a four weeks' meeting in a tent. During the half-time service of R. L. Cartwright the house was built by the help of the Church Extension Society. The town depends for its life chiefly on railroad work, and the church has been pastorless part of the time, hence has not flourished. Dr. G. L. Kennedy is the clerk.

Extracted 03 Feb 2019 by Norma Hass from History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois 1819-1914, by Nathaniel S. Haynes, published in 1915, pages 180-182.

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