1918 Prairie Farmer's Directory

In this directory, the following information might be listed - wife's maiden name (but not if a woman is the head of household), children's name (including those not living at home), Post Office address, township and section living in, whether a tenant or an owner, who the owner is (if they are a tenant), amount of acres, and from what from what year they have lived in the county. And, if they have a telephone, it tells what phone service they have.

N - Z

Nall, J. T.
Naphew, M. W.
Neese, M. S.
Nesbit, Pearl
Nichols, G. M.
Nickell, R. J.
Nicols, Kelley
Nixon, Elmer
Nixon, W. A.
Nohren, Theodore
Norris, M. T.
Norton, Floyd F.
Norton, W. B.
Oakley, Clarence
Offenstein, Frank
Offenstein, Otis
Ogden, R. C.
Ogdon, C. A.
Ogdon, J. W.
Ogg, Flem
Ogg, Thomas
Ogg, William
Ohlsen, John
Ohlsen, J. H.
Ohlsen, William
Okley, W. G.
O'Laughlin, John
Orey, Guy
Orr, H. C.
Orr, Jacob
Osborne, Estell
Osborne, Pearl
Otto, Daniel
Otto, D. M.
Otto, Eli Y.
Otto, Jonas
Otto, Noah
Otto, Simon
Overturf, Tracy L.
Overturf, William
Owen, A. L.
Oye, Henry, Jr.
Oye, H. T.
Oye, John Peter
Oye, J. P.
Pack, C. C.
Page, F. K.
Pangburn, John
Pangburn, N. W.
Pankey, Ollie
Parks, J. R.
Parks, Pleas J.
Parrish, John R.
Parrish, J. E.
Passons, J. W.
Patrick, Abner A.
Patrick, M. S.
Paullin, Everett
Payne, J. W.
Peabody, Granville C.
Peck, F. O.
Peck, Robert T.
Peddy, Frank
Peddycoard, A. C.
Pelph, John B.
Pepper, Charles
Pepper, David
Peterson, Clarence
Petry, H. A.
Petty, Andrew
Pfeifer, Charles
Pfeifer, E. H.
Pfeifer, J. E.
Pflum, George C.
Phillips, Walter
Phipps, N. C.
Plank, David J.
Poindexter, Reed Z.
Pointer, S. E.
Pollock, Norman
Ponder, James
Porch, Claton
Porter, Charles
Powell, James
Powell, Ulyses
Powers, J. W.
Prettyman, Charles
Pribble, Earl
Pribble, H. A.
Pribble, H. A.
Pribble, J. R.
Price, C. E.
Price, Frank L.
Price, George G.
Prosser, Ed
Prosser, Samuel
Puratt, E. M.
Purcell, N. W.
Queen, W. L.
Quick, Alfred
Quick, Lesley
Qummeral, Henry
Race, Ves
Radcliff, H. H.
Rahn, Albert
Rahn, Andrew
Rahn, George
Rahn, Hans F.
Rahn, Henry F.
Rahn, Peter, Jr.
Rahn, William H.
Rairden, Charles
Ramsey, Clide
Ramsey, Oscar L.
Randolph, Eugene
Randolph, J. W.
Randolph, L. E.
Ratts, D. P.
Ratts, Roscoe
Ray, Jolly
Ray, J. C.
Rayburn, A. W.
Records, J. S.
Redden, Bert
Redden, C. A.
Redden, F. D.
Redden, Roy
Redman, E. A.
Reecer, William
Reed, Fred
Reeder, Frank
Reeder, Frank
Reeder, J. A.
Reeder, M. M.
Reeds, F. M.
Reiker, Marx
Reinheart, Floyd A.
Reinhart, Louis
Remlinger, Nick
Reynolds, John D.
Reynolds, J. L.
Reynolds, William
Rhodes, Milton
Rice, J. S.
Rice, J. W.
Rice, Martin
Rice, Percy E.
Rich, E. F.
Rich, Fred
Rich, Pearl
Richardson, L. C.
Richey, Roy
Richman, A. A.
Richman, Charles A.
Richman, D. F.
Richman, Earl
Richman, Frank
Richman, J. N.
Richman, Mrs. Mamie
Richmond, T. T.
Riddel, F. A.
Rideout, Frank
Rieman, Carl
Riemke, William
Riley, Charles
Riley, Ed
Riley, Harley
Riley, Harrison
Riley, Harry
Riter, Elmer, G.
Riter, William S.
Roach, William
Roberson, Wallace
Roberts, Claude W.
Roberts, Dewey N.
Roberts, Douglas
Roberts, Elmer
Roberts, H. C.
Roberts, Ora F.
Robins, O.
Robison, Amos
Roderick, F. M.
Roderick, G. D.
Roderick, Melvin
Roderick, R. W.
Rodgers, John M.
Roe, Clark
Roedl, Martin
Roller, Andrew
Roller, Ernest
Roller, W. J.
Roller, W. J.
Rollings, P. B.
Rome, Frank
Romine, Fred
Romine, P. M.
Romine, Joseph
Romine, J. E.
Romine, L. F.
Romine, W. R.
Ropp, Charles
Ropp, Henry
Rose, William
Roughton, T. M.
Rowen, S. C.
Rowen, T. T.
Rowley, William
Roy, E. C.
Roy, Samuel
Rue, Lee
Rugh, William
Rule, Rebecca
Rund, John
Rund, Joseph G.
Rund, William
Runyon, Harry
Russell, Arthur
Sager, William
Sain, F. D.
Sallee, Homer
Sanders, Albert
Sanders, Y. H.
Santel, Susan
Sapp, John
Scheideman, F. C.
Scholeder, Hans
Schoppe, A. A.
Schoppe, Ed. J.
Schrader, Mrs. Maggie
Schrock, Abe
Schrock, A. D.
Schrock, Ben
Schrock, E. J.
Schrock, Jacob
Schrock, Jonas
Schrock, Joseph J.
Schrock, J. Mike
Schrock, Noah B.
Schrock, William D.
Schultz, Henry
Scott, A. N.
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, H. E.
Scott, John
Scott, J. O.
Scott, O. H.
Scott, W. M.
Seaman, Charles
Seaman, Fred J.
Seaman, Glen
Seaman, William
Sears, Elmer
Sebens, Edward
Seip, J., II
Seip, Merle
Senter, W. B.
Senters, Frank
Senters, Fred
Sentney, E. E.
Serwise, Lyman
Shaffer, Alva
Shaffer, Wallace
Shambarger, John
Sharpe, C. L.
Shaw, J. P.
Shaw, Pearl
Shaw, W. T.
Shell, S. A.
Sherk, Ray
Shields, Della J.
Shields, S. J.
Shimk, Elmer
Shull, J. R.
Shumaker, George
Shumaker, V. P.
Siders, Milo. R.
Sievers, George
Sigler, J. W.
Simeon, Martin
Simpson, Harry
Sinclair, Ernest
Sipe, Amos
Sipp, C. A.
Sipp, W. H.
Skidmore, Allen
Skidmore, Denman
Skidmore, Lambert
Skidmore, W. M.
Slaughter, Bert
Sleenbarger, Frank
Smith, Bart M.
Smith, B. Z.
Smith, Clarence
Smith, C. C.
Smith, C. E.
Smith, David
Smith, Harry C.
Smith, H. L.
Smith, Lester L.
Smith, J. F.
Smith, Marion
Smith, Roy
Smith, Spaulding
Smith, S. A.
Smith, Verner, L.
Smith, V. B.
Smith, Walter
Smith, W. J.
Smith, W. J.
Smith, W. P.
Smothers, G. W.
Snider, Frank
Snyder, Bart
Soard, Earnest
Soard, O. C.
Sohrt, George
Sparks, Fred
Sparks, J. H.
Sparks, O.A.
Speelman, Everett
Speelman, F. W.
Speelman, Joe
Stabler, George
Stalley, Hans
Stalley, Kate
Stanford, Earnest
Stanford, Thomas
Stansbury, William
Starbuck, W. E.
Stark, James R.
Stark, J. P.
Starwalt, Hink
Steinmetz, T. D.
Stenger, Victor
Stephenson, Charles
Stephenson, Ernest
Stephenson, W. T.
Steproe, J. E.
Sterling, George W.
Stern, H. S.
Stevens, A. A.
Stevens, A. F.
Steven, A. G.
Stevens, James A.
Stevens, Samuel B.
Stevnson, Thomas
Stewart, A. R.
Stewart, E.
Stewart, James
Stewart, John E.
Stillens, Frank L.
Stirrett, Frank
Stokes, G. C.
Stolley, Earl
Stolley, George
Stolley, John
Storer, J. L.
Stout, Amos A.
Stout, E. V.
Stout, Ira
Stump, Harvy
Stump, Homer
Stump, J. B.
Stutzman, Eli
Stutzman, George
Stutzman, John W.
Stutzman, L. E.
Suhl, John
Swan, S. M.
Swift, A. A.
Swihart, Fred
Swick, Aaron
Swick, Earl
Swigart, C. L.
Tate, Frank
Tay, Clause
Tayer, O. J.
Taylor, Abner
Taylor, Albert
Taylor, Mrs. A. J.
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, E. L.
Taylor, Harry
Taylor, Joe
Taylor, John A.
Taylor, J. M.
Taylor, L. D.
Taylor, M. E.
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Walter E.
Taylor, W. W.
Temples, Andrew J.
Tharp, Virgil
Thayer, E. F.
Theim, John
Thoeming, J. H.
Thomas, Elmer
Thomas, Orville
Thomas, Mrs. William
Thomas, W. E.
Thomming, Cecelia
Thompson, Andy
Thompson, A. T.
Thompson, Clarence
Thompson, David
Thompson, R. W.
Thompson, T. E.
Thompson, William
Thompson, W. A.
Thornlon, Harve
Thurman, Esau
Timn, Mrs. Bertha
Titus, Clint
Titus, S.C.
Todd, Perry
Toland, Otto
Tomaw, Harry
Torrey, Naaman
Tresenriter, Clarence
Trublood, S. F.
Turbyville, B. W.
Tuttle, W. A.
Underwood, Charles W.
Vanauken, Willard
VanCleve, Charles
Vandeventer, Frank M.
VanDoren, Frank E.
Vankirk, J. W.
VanVoorhis, Clayton
Vaught, Roy
Vermillion, Fred
Vickroy, Cliff
Vollmer, Peter
VonLanken, George
VonLanken, Hans
VonLanken, John
Wade, O. F.
Wadkins, Dayton
Wagner, J. E.
Wainscott, C. H.
Waldrop, W.
Walker, F. C.
Walker, F. J.
Walker, Mark L.
Walker, William
Wall, Will
Wallace, Mrs. Harriet
Walling, J. J.
Walls, James
Walters, Murry
Walty, Philip
Warne, James O.
Warner, L. V.
Warner, Sam
Warnes, George
Waters, Geroge
Waters, H. L.
Waters, James
Waters, William
Watson, Alva
Watson, Bob
Watson, Dale
Watson, Everett
Watson, John H.
Wax, G. H.
Weatherford, F. J.
Webb, Jacob
Webb, Jess
Webb, R. A.
Webb, T. J.
Weber, Elmer
Weber, F. L.
Weber, George
Weber, Henry
Weber, Oliver F.
Weidner, Lee
Wedler, C. M.
Well, J. W.
Welliver, John
Wells, Fred
Wells, Henry
Wells, J. S.
Wells, Lonnie
Wells, Thomas
Wemple, Raymond
Wendel, George
Wendel, J. W.
Wendell, Annie C.
Wendell, W. T.
Wesch, Charles H.
Wesch, Dan P.
Wesch, Louis
West, S. S.
West, Will
Wetzel, A. C.
Whalen, John
Wheeler, W. A.
White, Charles E.
White, Homer
White, J. R.
White, J. W.
Whitehead, William
Whiteman, J. E.
Whitfield, Thomas
Wharton, F. A.
Wiese, Fred
Wiese, G. F.
Wightman, A. E.
Wiguhart, John
Wilcoxen, Fred
Wilcoxen, James
Wildman, Sylvester E.
Wilkins, M. A.
Willey, J. T.
Williams, A. C.
Williams, G. F.
Williams, James A.
Willliams, O. B.
Williams, V. E.
Williams, W. T.
Williamson, H. K.
Williamson, Joseph S.
Williamson, W. L.
Wilmeth, C. W.
Wilson, Charles W.
Wilson, Clyde
Wilson, J. A.
Wimple, Owen
Winglen, George
Wingler, Lewis
Wingler, P. E.
Winkler, Luther
Winkler, M. E.
Winkler, Q. J.
Winship, David
Winslow, W.
Wirth, C. William, Jr.
Wiseman, John F.
Wolever, John E.
Wolff, J. L.
Wood, Ray
Woodall, W. H.
Woods, Chester
Woods, Joseph
Woods, W. W.
Wooten, Clarence
Wooten, C. A.
Wooten, W. H.
Worley, William
Worrell, Weldon
Wright, A. M.
Wright, Hugo
Wright, R. N.
Wyeth, C. H.
Wyeth, H. L.
Yancey, W. H.
Yoder, A. J.
Yoder, B. C.
Yoder, David Y.
Yoder, D. M.
Yoder, E. J.
Yoder, Fred
Yoder, Jacob
Yoder, Jerry T.
Yoder, William D.
York, L. W.
York, Wilbur T.
Yoter, M. S.
Young, E. B.
Young, Mrs. M. J.
Young, Thomas
Young, W. M.
Yutzy, John
Yutzy, Sol
Zachary, Allen
Zeigler, John
Zeisy, George
Ziemer, Chris
Ziemer, Fred
Ziemer, Hans

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