1918 Prairie Farmer's Directory

In this directory, the following information might be listed - wife's maiden name (but not if a woman is the head of household), children's name (including those not living at home), Post Office address, township and section living in, whether a tenant or an owner, who the owner is (if they are a tenant), amount of acres, and from what from what year they have lived in the county. And, if they have a telephone, it tells what phone service they have.

H - M

Haardt, George
Hacket, J.E.
Hackett, A.N.
Hackett, H.C.
Hackett, James E.
Hackett, Robert L.
Hackett, W.H.
Hahn, Edgar
Haines, Harry
Haines, O.K.
Hale, John
Haley, W.E.
Hall, Alva
Hall, B.A.
Hall, E.D.
Hall, E.F.
Hall, Harvey
Hall, John I.
Hall, R.L.
Hall, W.R.
Hallowell, B.F.
Hallowell, Earl
Hallowell, John
Hallowell, J.J.
Hallowell, Omer L.
Hallowell, Thomas B.
Hamilton, Hez
Hamman, Everett E.
Hammer, Hans
Hammet, John B.
Hammil, Samuel
Hance, Ben
Hance, J.M.
Hancock, Milton
Handy, H.C.
Haney, Hugh
Haney, Scott
Hanley, Oscar
Hanley, Robert E.
Hanners, Bye
Hansen, George
Hansen, John
Hansen, P.C.
Hanson, J.H.
Harchbarger, A.E.
Harden, Ben
Harder, Claus
Harder, H.H.
Hardick, T.L.
Hardwick, Nelson
Harman, Henry
Harner, E.L. & L.L.
Harrington, T.
Harrington, W.O.
Harris, Calvin
Harris, Joe
Harris, W.S.
Harrison, A.C.
Harsbarger, Andy
Harshbarger, Clifford
Harshbarger, Lloyd
Haspin, Ogle
Hart, Willard
Hartley, Bert
Hartman, A.S.
Hartrick, Dana D.
Harvey, Elva
Harvey, Robert
Harvey, T.L.
Hawkins, N.E.
Hawkins, W.S.
Hay, Thomas
Haynes, K.
Heath, D.R.
Heath, Elmer C.
Heaton, R.F.
Hedrick, O.H.
Heil, Henry
Helm, Ed
Helm, John
Helm, J.F.
Helm, J. St. Clair
Helm, O.M.
Helm, R.B.
Helmuth, Benjamin
Helmuth, George J.
Helmuth, J.C.
Heminger, L.C.
Hemingway, L.
Hemmingway, William
Hendershot, Carl S.
Hendershott, C.S.
Hendershott, L.W.
Hendricks, L.D.
Hendrickson, J.B.
Henegar, J.S.
Henry, Ernst
Henry, E.A.
Henson, M.M.
Herbert, Harry
Herley, Mell
Herman, Adam
Heskitt, W.L.
Hettiger, Frank
Hidlebaugh, George L.
Higgins, C.F.
Higgins, Scott
Hilgenberg, Henry
Hilgenberg, R.W.
Hill, John
Hill, Merritt H.
Hillard, David
Hillard, William
Hilt, W.T.
Hite, J.R.
Hochstetter, G.S.
Hoffmann, Guss L.
Hoggatt, William
Hollwell, Fred
Hood, Ernest
Hood, Jessie
Hood, R.B.
Hood, W.H.
Hoor, B.W.
Hopkins, C.E.
Hopkins, Ernest
Hopkins, Ervin
Hopkins, S.L.
Hops, Claus
Horne, Cleve
Horsley, W.S.
Hostetter, F.J.
Houchin, John L.
Houchin, William W.
Houk, Charles
House, Benjamin
House, Melvin
How, W.E.
Howard, Riley
Howe, Perry N.
Howey, Ray P.
Huckstep, Harry
Huddleson, Ray
Hudson, A.R.
Huffman, William A.
Hughes, George H.
Hughes, Joseph
Hunsicker, Alva R.
Hunt, Charles
Hunt, E.B.
Hunt, George
Hunt, Sarah
Hunter, J.W.
Hunter, Thomas
Hurley, Guy
Hurley, Harvey
Hurley, Howard
Hurley, Lon
Hutcherson, T.M.
Hutchison, W.B.
Ingram, Clifford
Ingram, C.E.
Ingram, Gilbert
Ingram, John S.
Ingrum, Fred
Ingrum, Henry
Ingrum, Sam
Ingrum, W.H.
Jackson, C.B.
Jackson, J.D.
Jackson, Voris
Janes, H.T.
Jared, Carl
Jared, R.V.
Jenkins, Charles M.
Jenkins, John
Jenkins, W.R.
Jensen, John
Jess, Marx
Jess, William
Jobe, George
Johnson, Glen
Johnson, Otis
Johnson, Park
Johnson, William J.
Jolly, Ernest
Jolly, George
Jolly, J.T.
Jones, Augustus
Jones, A.C.
Jones, Charles F.
Jones, Clint
Jones, C.M.
Jones, Clyde E.
Jones, Dave
Jones, D.W.
Jones, E.
Jones, Hans
Jones, Hubert
Jones, Ivor
Jones, J.S.
Jones, Mrs. Laura
Jones, L.E.
Jones Pearl
Jordan, Elmer E.
Jordan, Frank
Josserand, Paul
Jurgen, Mrs. C.
Kalb, Claus
Kalb, Mrs. George
Kamm, J.A.
Kanitz, E.W.
Kauffman, Abe
Kauffman, Alford
Kauffman, Jonas
Kauffman, J.F.
Kauffman, M.J.
Keal, F.H.
Keal, J.W.
Kearns, George
Keller, John
Kelley, John
Kelly Bros & Miss Mary Kelly
Kennedy, Raymond
Keran, Bruce
Keran, John
Keran, John L.
Kerans, S.F.
Kerns, Ed. M.
Kerns, James M.
Kerns, William O.
Kerschner, Ernest
Kerschner, G.E.
Kieser, William
Kimmel, Will
Kincade, Floyd
Kincade, Frank
Kincade, John
Kincade, J.H.
Kincade, Martin
Kincade, Mrs. Nathan
Kincade, S.M.
Kincade, William
Kincaid, J.A.
Kincaid, Ray
King, A.W.
King, H.M.
King, Joe
King, Lewis
Kingery, Mary E.
Kinney, J.A.
Kinney, Theodore
Kinsinger, Eli
Kite, J.O.
Kleiss, Alola
Kleiss, C.A.
Kleiss, J.
Kleiss, Tone
Klinger, Mrs. J.E.
Klink, Goege
Knapp, Harrison
Knaus, George
Knights, Elmer
Knobloch, John
Knowles, Alvin
Koehn, J.C.
Korte, Herman
Koss, C.F.
Kresin, Charles
Kresin, Henry
Kresin, Will
Kroll, Fred
Krows, S.
Kruger, Charles
Kruger, Henry
Kruse, Henry & George
Kruse, H.J.
Kruse, John
Kruse, John
Kutz, Albert
Kutz, Herman
Lacy, Tim
Lamb, Clarence
Larmore, S.W.
Laroe, William
Laughlin, B.L.
Lawrence, Albert
Lawrence, Claude
Lawyer, Mrs. Tina
Lear, W.F.
Lecher, George
Lecher, Mike
Lee, Dan
Lee, Mrs. Elizabeth
Lee, Patrick Jr.
Leffler, John
Leib, John
Leib, John
Lemke, H.C.
Lenmill, Oscar
Lester, L.P.
Lewis, Alvin
Lewis, Bert
Lewis, C.G.
Lewis, Earl
Lewis, Elmer
Lewis, Elmer W.
Lewis, Grover
Lewis, G.W.
Lewis, Joe R.
Lewis, May
Lewis, Owen
Lewis, Russell
Lewis, Sadie
Lewis, Steve
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, William
Lewis, W.Y.
Lieb, Charles
Lieb, P.A.
Lincoln, George E..
Lincoln, James E.
Lincoln, W.E.
Lindsay, Danile
Lindsey, W.A.
Little, A.H.
Little, Elmer
Livengood, William
Logan, B.H.
Logan, John
Logan, R.W.
Logan, S.F.
Loman, Charles
Loman, Lesle E.
Loman, Mrs. M.J.
Lommele, Carl
Lommele, C.L.
Long, Floyd
Long, Fountain
Long, George
Long, Henan
Long, James
Long, Jonathan
Long, Pete
Louthan, J.W.
Low, John
Loyd, H.A.
Lozier, Otis
Lutz, Alva
Lutz, L.E.
Lutz, Thomas
Lycan, W.M.
Lyons, M.F.
Lytle, George
Machino, George
Magee, Ervin
Magee, John
Malloy, John E.
Mannin, James
Mannon, Ben
Maris, A. L.
Maris, C. E.
Maris, O. T.
Maris, R. M. A.
Maris, Walter
Marner, Jacob
Marner, John
Marshall, H. H.
Martin, A. Z.
Martin, C. E.
Martin, Flora
Martin, Henry
Martin, J. D.
Martin, Ralph
Martin, Thomas H.
Martin, Wilson
Martin, W. I.
Marty, John
Massey, Dave
Mast, David J.
Mast, H. J.
Mast, L. J.
Masterson, R. D.
Mathews, Homer
Matthews, Fred
Mattingly, A. M.
Mattix, H. J.
Maulding, J. D.
Mavity, P. E.
Maxwell, E. B.
Maxwell, S. F.
May, Dan W.
May, James
Mayer, Earnest
Mayhall, Henry
McAvene, J. M.
McBride, Claud
McBride, Joseph
McCabe, Henry
McCann, J. S.
McCarty, John
McClanahan, Clarence
McClure, Jess
McCormick, Paul
McCormick, W. G.
McCoskey, L. E.
McCown, Arthur L.
McCown, H. J.
McCown, J. A.
McCown, J. M.
McCown, Walter W.
McCown, W. L.
McCoy, Roy
McCumbers, Frank C.
McDade, Ebb
McDaniels, E. G.
McDonald, Charles
McDowell, John
McFadden, I. W.
McGrath, L. L.
McGregor, Earl
McGuire, Avery
McGuire, Millard
McIntyre, A. C.
McIntyre, J. C.
McIntyre, R. Y.
McKnight, Charles
McKown, M.
McMullen, W. E.
McQueen, Bert
McQueen, Elvie
McQueen, E. B.
McQueen, Joseph
McQueen, T. L.
McQueen, Samuel C.
McQueen, S. Q.
McQueen, Thomas
McQueen, Mrs. U. S.
McTaggart, Mrs. Rose
McYntire, James
Meadows, Mrs. Alberta
Meals, C. D.
Meeker, D. A.
Meeker, M. H.
Meinner, Ed
Mennin, D. B.
Messman, Henry
Metcalf, P. D.
Meusears, Mrs. Edith
Mevis, George
Michael, Enos
Miller, Arthur
Miller, B. S.
Miller, Claud
Miller, Dan
Miller, Eli
Miller, Gideon
Miller, John A.
Miller, J. E.
Miller, J. F.
Miller, J. S.
Miller, M. L.
Miller, Stephen L.
Miller, Steven S.
Mills, Richard O.
Millsap, John
Monroe, G. D.
Montgomery, James
Moody, Oscar
Moon, A. A.
Moon, F. L.
Moore, A. N.
Moore, Ed. M.
Moore, George E.
Moore, George W.
Moore, Guy
Moore, William H.
Moore, William T.
Morgan, E. E.
Morgan, Floyd
Morgason, E.
Morris, Henry
Morris, H. G.
Morris, James
Morris, James E.
Morrow, Edgar D.
Mosbarger, Evert
Mosbarger, Samuel
Moseley, Z.
Mosley, Edward
Mosley, John
Moss, Arthur
Moss, W. H.
Mougeotte, Edward
Moyer, E. A.
Moyer, John W.
Moyer, Joseph H.
Moyer, W. D.
Muir, George
Munson, C. A.
Munson, Ed. M.
Munson, G. F.
Munson, Henry L.
Munson, S.
Murdock, J. F.
Murphy, E. M.
Murphy, R.
Murray, J. W.
Myers, B. G.
Myers, Ed. D.
Myers, Emma
Myers, John M.
Myers, J. A.

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